Recent Work

My recent passion is oil and cold wax and I just can’t get enough! I learn something new every day and can’t wait to paint! I’ll be putting up my latest soon.

Oil and cold wax on Canvas and cradled board
Sally Sharp

“Riley’s View” 16x24

Recent Commission 18x24 oil/cold wax on canvas panel

Recent Commission
“Amanda’s Wedding”
24x24 oil/coldwax

“Seriously?#sheletthechampagnegotoherhead” 24x36 oil/coldwax

“In the Mood” 24x24 oil/cold wax

“And you are always on my mind” 24x24 oil/coldwax

“Waiting for Hanna Brextals” 24x24 oil/coldwax

“This land is our land” 24x48 oil/coldwax

“Blowing Bubbles” 12x12 oil/coldwax

“For purple mountains” 24x24 oil/cold wax

“On May’s Pond” 18x24 oil/cold wax on cradled board

“Along the road to nowhere” 24x24 oil/cold wax

“Can’t See The forest for the Trees” 24x36 oil/coldwax

Lake Ice 12x12 oil & cold wax
Matted & framed

Late Autumn 11x14 oil & cold wax on cradled board framed

Walking Out 12x12 oil & cold wax on cradled board

12x12 oil/cold wax

“Coffee” 8x10 oil/cold wax

“A walk in the Clouds” 24x32 oil/coldwax and dog paws

Recent Commission

“That Blondes Got Soul” 24x32 oil/coldwax

“Evening Commute” 24x24 oil/coldwax